True or false It's my muscle This is the theme of True or False By the way, I do it now because I never talk about it I have an Instagram account So I tell you now, huh quietly It's Doc Doc There is the little check and everything So it's not difficult to find I share lots of stuff etc So we end up there Thank you Hello everyone here Nozman And welcome to you in a new episode of True or False Last week, I asked you to leave me in the comments As usual Facts True or False on Muscles Here are your comments It's scary huh? Clearly you Uh really have you slept for years Either you come from the past It is also another possibility Because it's still a long time That I use more than all this decoration with the caps eh it's still * count his fingers * About five years I hope you still enjoyed my last video on the bouncy ball huh Good, you're late to catch up with you Go to work ! Track buys Let's go you'll have control at the next episode Ok next comment False! The brain is not a muscle It's an organ of your nervous system Nerve tissue is mainly composed of neurons And glial cells Who ensure the proper functioning of neurons While the muscles are mainly muscle tissue Himself composed of muscle cells But, that, do not worry

We will come back to it later Where the brain is somehow comparable to a muscle is that it can be "muscular" in quotation marks By stimulating your brain every day, It is possible not only to strengthen your neuronal connections But also be careful Behave yourself To develop new ones In fact by soliciting a lot of our brain the number of synapses increases Synapses that allow me to call him To transmit nerve signals between neurons Conversely, by not soliciting him or having a bad diet Well, the cognitive faculties will tend to decline naturally Come on I'm sure now you're ready to work at the synapses well as it should be there it's a little flipper anyway Next question So very good question And it's not that easy to have an exact answer Since there are in fact a lot of possible causes So already a cramp, it's when a muscle contracts in an uncontrollable and painful way it really hurts Very often the calf it really pecks especially when it goes off well in the night when you are sleeping PAH Fortunately it's fleeting and it leaves no consequences it happens especially to the athletes Since cramping occurs mainly after intense muscle stimulation But not only Sometimes a cramp is triggered in the middle of the night when you have not asked for anything Bah as I said The worst thing Outside just the intensive effort Poor hydration and lack of stretching after the sport are factors favoring the appearance of muscle cramps To get rid of it, sorry but no quick fix huh If only that Well, we have to wait for it to pass If you can still stretch, gently massage the muscle that is bugging To make it a little less painful what Or you can yell your calf to tell him to stop his bullshit Each his technique * pouloulou editing * False! No ! Not true We have the same number of muscles exactly His are just Bigger

And not much more OK Hey hi Team Man Official Buisson What? Uh OK Short The question is interesting Especially after you have explained the cramps Because we could actually think that it is a phenomenon related to the muscles But in fact not at all So it's a rather unknown thing But it does happen that by drinking alcoholic beverages Certain wines can be felt a kind of electric shock throughout your jaw Reassure you there is nothing serious It is actually linked to the parotid gland which is the largest salivary gland Stretching from your ear to your jaw In fact in the presence of alcohol, sugar, acid or tannin Your salivary glands tend to produce saliva in larger amounts Except that in some wines and in some beers like lambic beers for example Bah we find all this stuff at once So, if in addition to basic, you are thirsty and that you have the mouth well dry as it is necessary This excessive production of saliva will stimulate your parotid gland And that, that A little spike In general, just wait for it to go by itself Or drink a glass of water before taking a drink But in any case huh Do not forget to drink in moderation go ahead Hello True ! Well, it's a bit more complicated than that This mechanism at the heart of bodybuilding and a lot of athletes finally eh is called it's freaking out Chais not why By lifting more weight than they can handle You cause stress on your muscle tissue Which actually creates micro breaks in the fibers At that moment your muscle is said "Wow, it was pretty spicy" "It will be better for me to be ready in case this wretch is still trying to surround me" Yeah my muscles to me they are pretty hot language level Chais not, that's how it's weird So, your muscle a little bit traumatized Will make sure to repair like that well as it should be * tin tin * all these micro breaks Becoming larger and stronger History makes it better to resist the next training That's why the recovery time is as important as the training itself You have to allow time for your muscles to regenerate Of course ! Insects have muscles they are simply attached to the back of their exoskeleton And sometimes even better than mammals And that thanks to their particular oxygenation system a little bit The carapace of insects is pierced with tiny holes Leading to a whole trachea and tracheole system Bringing air directly to muscles and organs the blood of insects Called hemolymph does not carry oxygen but only the nutrients used to feed their body The airflow within the trachéoles is ensured by small pockets of air who pump or expel the air according to the movements of the insect This system, really powerful at their scale would not work on a larger organism The tracheal system would then be too long for the air to reach the organs in time But yeah on a mini beast it's super effective Because it actually allows their muscles to have a greater oxygenation Well, that's probably true But actually good, it's related to pain more than anything else In order to test the power of the human jaw The president of the Chicago Dental University has come up with a little experiment by nibbling a thousand people in a device that named it log nato dynamo metter Not easy this one He was able to measure the average power of the human jaw And she is about Except that most of the participants in the experiment stopped biting not because of a muscular limit But really, because their teeth were starting to hurt them eventually I think you even tried to shake your teeth very hard before you realize that it was not really nice it hurts And in general when something is not very pleasant or painful You stop automatically to do it unless you're masochial But good, a priori, we have not yet found the maso crazy enough to explode the teeth by squeezing them very hard On the other hand, there is something that in the long term can strongly explode the teeth In addition to spinning you headaches not cool on waking What is that thing ? It's actually just when you grind your teeth when you finally sleep And that's linked to stress Of course as you sleep, well you have less control over your jaw And suddenly, it becomes the brothel in your mouth Bruxism severely damages tooth enamel and can even cause fracture of teeth The jaw being the second strongest muscle of the human body Well, it's not surprising But what is the first? Well, it's the big gluteal muscle Well yes it still serves a walk, to get up, run, twerker, jump etc And so inevitably, well he is well in the end True ! And it's pretty terrible It's his little name Gradually transforms muscles into water Better known as Man of Stone disease This rare genetic disease is caused by the mutation of a gene on chromosome two Coding the protein responsible for the formation of bones and cartilage So this is the interaction between this mutant protein and other proteins Which will cause a chain reaction leading to the progressive ossification of muscle cells So necessarily long-term mobility of affected patients is greatly reduced There are fewer than 1,000 cases worldwide And even if research is in progress the disease remains for the moment unfortunately incurable False! Simply because the language is not a muscle But an organ with 17 different muscles Hard to know which is the most requested But since it is the most powerful the big gluteus muscle has to be pretty well placed in the top besides small best-of muscle longer is the sartorius muscle inside the thigh there the smallest is the muscle banging goods that are found in your ear the most useless muscles are probably atrial muscles atrophied small muscles behind the ear are no longer used today to be clever in the evening by showing everyone that you know how to move your ears but it was much more useful to our ancestors because it allowed us to orient our ears to detect the origin of a noise the muscles are heavier than Greece so to float it would be better to be fat than muscular ready and the muscles are actually denser than greece so yes somehow heavier it's mostly actually because the muscles are composed of 75% water and loba it's denser than greece a packet pouring oil into a glass of water first time accounting for elsewhere So if you're surprised to have started the muscu but on the scale I weigh the same weight in fact should not be surprised not on the other hand because it's more dense it's also necessarily less bulky so do not worry a super maybe no weight but you girl anyway besides the water what is it doing muscles and well outside the blood vessels and nerves the muscle includes the muscle tissue itself made up of muscle fibers these fibers also called at the site are cells capable of contraction they are themselves composed of filaments protein lakhtin and ouazine friend it may sound complicated but it is precisely the interaction of these two proteins with each other, which gives the muscle tissues its elasticity the muscles especially connected to the skeleton muscles they can then move our members according to their contraction simply and you also understand why the followers of bodybuilding tend to calculate well then rice of proteins to be able to repair the microphones breakage caused by the effort precisely it is necessary to be able to produce sufficiently of actin and a half to in like what to be bodybuilder must still have a little bit of science and ben yeah to steal the birds has very developed pectorals true if you thought that your dreams in the bench press were impressive you have to see the pecs of the birds in comparison The pectoral muscles of most birds alone account for nearly 15% of their muscle mass global it makes sense when you spend your day flapping wings that are twice its size and is better to ensure level muscle abilities they also guarantee the stability of the bird in flight is gathered near its center of gravity have against will have to be a little bit more effective on the legroom a media because that's just about anything no but wait what's these braderies seriously doubiens the point aside when we run good question that but it is simply a type of cramps very specific a cramp of the diaphragm the diaphragm is a muscle located under the rib cage and whose contraction has on the entry of air into the lungs so you can understand it from Yes, there are several causes to the fear of the diaphragm during the effort if you breathe and expires badly your diaphragm they contract too much quickly and suddenly by panic the point aside is the way we have diaphragm and tell you excuse me but sir but face your abuse I see myself in the obligation to nab you the local war yeah because in fact my diaphragm is not too bad talking too but level respect it clearly has a problem by cons another cause of the side point is that with the muscular effort the liver can gorge too quickly blood is in feast press the diaphragm still him but decidedly it's really a big victim to say fragments thank you all for having followed this new episode of short I hope that you will not forget if you enjoyed clicking on the thumbs up it's always a pleasure thank you all and as usual did not want to swing a max to charge fake in the comments for the next episode that will focus on this music theme the waves the instruments the notes the harmonies all the therapy by the music short there's plenty of stuff to say thank you to all you can click right here to subscribe and do not mind anything to miss from what's happening on the channel and when to I say to you as usual, see you very soon, because science does not wait Hello

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