Full Heavy Push Workout | Increase Your Bench Imidiately With Those Tips

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We record? Yes, we're recording what's up? today we have a special vlog I'm taking you through my heavy push workout my first exercise will be flat bench dumbbell press but first we have to warm up I will make some sets and reps to start with 10 and now form First, take the blades down to the ground and down towards the feet 3 support points head, upper back and butt lower back slightly arching feet on the ground, you have to take some energy from the floor do not hold them loose look at the feet do not do it, hard on the floor now the view from above please do you see your elbows? they are not very close to the body, but they are not outside should be anywhere between 60-45 degrees just like you are comfortable the first warm-up set the movement is to be free and controlled up explosively the first warm-up done next weights maybe I'll take 20 before you get on the bench dumbbells on the knees the closer to the hip the better I think and then you lie down like this you see my wrists are over the elbows they are not here here wrist directly above the elbow too wide, do not do it too wide I'm already a little tired the last warm-up set maybe

32 when you cry, you are stronger so groan as much as you like come on oh, hell this is a warm-up warm-up done now it's time for hard things what we have here 44, 46, 48 Let me turn it up a little 5×5, you can do it I can not speak when it gets hard, your ass is flying up and it probably will happen now 4 sets more now the second exercise, one of my favorites I usually do them unilaterally that is one hand at a time today I am trying something more difficult two at a time I do not know how it will work out I have never tried it let's see the balance I feel like Deadpool well This is my slut incline barbell press to attack the upper chest even though it has no upper or lower side it's one chest, but to put pressure on the upper chest but we need a towel because it is a commercial gym so I have to use a towel if somebody sweats, because sometimes he sweats not me, because I follow the path of under-training I'm not sweating at all yes, where is Dory? if you did not know where Dory is it's here let's put some weight on the griffin today I'm applying 125 kg that is 125 kg he stuck you know what? they sit it's high-quality equipment it's very good equipment escape your limits This is my limit today again 5×5 shoulder blades pulled down and down light bow at the bottom of the back do not let my ass go up slowly and control the movement to collarbones next exercise: seated tricep pushdown still 5×5 We're going hard today last the penultimate exercise pec dec listen, many will tell you that you need to have a full range of movements and stretch your chest it's outdated you want to do it set yourself upright and powerful and now you do not want to stretch this is an old school a new school is a pump, and a pump the range of moves is from here – so far good? we understand each other? We're going, 5×5, all together, we count and once and two and three and four and five you lost a bit on the range in the last two repetitions seriously? okay, I will do two more repetitions to make it equal better? Yes we're almost done the last two exercises, we will actually superset them the first is overhead rope extension use a weight that will be demanding again, 5×5 perfect form when it will be hard to do Come here, to my face when it will be hard to do do not be afraid to use the ociupinka of inertia because at some point it will get hard Do not be afraid to use your legs legs are the basis superset with lateral raises there are several exercises in the bodybuilding repertoire which are good enough when you only use your own body weight dips, pull-up and one of them is lateral raises butt under the pelvis, barges pulled off, good form we drive elbows on the wrists it was our training thanks for joining thanks to the camera operator – Wissema who has recorded all these diamonds for you I hope you liked it thanks for watching I am asking for LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE as always, be positive Greetings from Poland for now!

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