Jeden Tag im Gym: Das will Lisa G. an ihrem Body verbessern!


This body is perfect, right? Lisa G herself sees it a bit different! The ex-Germany's next Topmodel candidate has been working for years successful as a fitness influencer and regularly inspires their more than half a million followers with such hot snapshots

Nevertheless, Lisa is far from arrived at her body goal "Well, to be honest, my legs are still a bit thin I do not want to have such blatant legs now, but it could be more And my calves! My calves are also very thin, but I train so much Somehow there is nothing coming! " However, Lisa can already be proud of her success so far

By comparison, this is what she looks like four years ago – with 15 kilograms less muscle But the fitness model has to work hard for that as well "I go out training every day, maybe I take a break once a week Six days a week " And with this result, most would probably be completely satisfied

Source: Youtube