Nasser El Sonbaty – THE REAL UNCROWNED MR OLYMPIA – Bodybuilding Motivation


Bodybuilding is a lonely sport You're on yourself most of the time

Especially when you're in the gym You have to decide how much you train, You have to decide how much pain pain you inflict on yourself, You have to decide how much you eat How much you drink And how far you like to go with your body and how much you're willing to sacrifice I like to be world class and to be world class you have to give something special You've to do something extra In order to be the best I have to do cardio There's no question if I like it, or I don't like it

I just have to do it I came also second at the Mr Olympia This was '97

It was so close, but not there So still a Mr Olympia title is missing The Olympia is not a contest who is the most heavy guy on stage It's the contest for size, the proportions, symmetry – the whole package

I'm in the sport not to become a millionaire or to become rich I'm in the sport because I love the sport, I'm dedicated to the sport, The goal is to place high enough And to prove to myself that I'm one of the best Thank you

Source: Youtube